Kid’s Yoga – 6 Week Course

with Alina Kopelchuk

Tuesdays From: 16:00 – 17:00
Starting 18 April
Cost £60

Kid’s Yoga 6-Week Course
Designed for ages 6-11

A Yoga class creates a nurturing non-competitive environment for children to relax and have fun whilst developing strength, coordination, flexibility and balance, as well as increasing body awareness, concentration and self-esteem.

The incorporation of stories, songs, games and poses creates a multi-sensory environment, where children develop through kinaesthetic, visual, and aural learning.

Yoga is a wonderful tool for establishing a healthy relationship with the body and learning how to respect and pay attention to it. As children grow and their bodies change, this becomes an important skill. Having the skills to listen carefully to the body and heart is not just a method to avoid injury, but also makes it easier be self-reflective and make good choices when dealing with peer pressure.

So bring along your darlings to enjoy these 5 weeks of fun, creativity and movement!