Feel Great @ Work

feel great at workFeel Great @ Work is the name given to our company-based Light Programmes, an initiative to encourage more people to change from a reactive to a pro-active approach to their healthcare.

If you work for a local company then you can put together a small group of employees to work on a Company-based Light Programme. All members of this group get our Ultimate Health Package for just £70 per month (its normally £75 per month) and a series of lunchtime, on-site lectures.

Presented by the Light Centre Principal, Mark Thompson D.O., N.D., these lectures offer cutting-edge information on how to establish healthy working habits and a good work/life balance. They also introduce three, in-house practices that will greatly improve office life i.e.:

  • Desk-Based Yoga (to reduce tense muscle contractions and thus reduce postural strain and its related neck, low back and other pains)
  • Mindfulness (to improve present-mindedness and thus reduce stressful patterns of thinking)
  • Healthy Eating (via our ‘feel great @ work food parcel‘ produced by our in-house cafe Crussh. It costs just £12 per day and ensures that your body and mind will feel energetic and alive)

Following the lecture series, the group will be encouraged to establish an on-going in-house project to make the office a healthier place for all their colleagues.

To find out more about our philosophical approach take a look at these three pages about the evolutonary and holistic knowledge behind our programmes:

To get a Company-based Light Programme together, you just need to introduce us to a senior person in your company who is in a position to endorse and support the initiative. With their help we will then look to form a group of at least 10 employees who are willing to take on our Ultimate Health Package and be part of the group project.

The person who sets up this introduction will additionally become one of our company ambassadors, someone who will become our on-going link to the company and someone we will be sure to take special care of.

If you are interested in setting up a Company-based Light Programme then contact the Light Centre Principal, Mark Thompson on mark@lightcentre.com.