Food Parcel

A full day’s healthy eating guaranteed
DATE:  Available from September 15th, 2014
PRICE: £12 a day

TO BOOK: Order at Crussh


1. Green Juice – Choose from three green juices, low in sugar, packed with nutrients
2. Fruit Pot – Whole fruit has fibre and fructose sugars for energy and sugar balance
3. Salad Lunch – Lots of fresh veggies, feel replenished stores without feeling sluggish
4. Snack Pot – If you’re hungry between meals then your choice of snack pot is there
5. Tea Bags – 4 tea bags from our non-caffeinated selection to warm and hydrate you

Mark smallLight Centre Principal, Mark Thompson D.O., N.D. says:

I have selected this choice of foods from the Crussh range so that you can guarantee to eat well every day. It will help you to feel great, restore your body’s health and if you need to, it’ll help you to lose weight too, Here’s six reasons why i think this choice of food is so ‘healthy’:

1. It is low in refined carbohydrates. Grains such as wheat, rye, oats and rice only came into the human diet very recently in our evolutionary history. They break down to simple sugars very quickly and flood the blood stream, creating many functional problems and forcing fat cells to grow bigger.

2. It doesn’t combine refined carbohydrates with fats. Many processed foods combine a grain such as bread or pasta with fats and proteins such as butter, cheese, mayonnaise or meats. New research proves that humans do not have shut off mechanisms for these 50/50 carb/fat combinations and thus tend to overeat. Unlike sandwiches, wraps or pasta salads, the fresh veggies and proteins/fats in our parcels, without the carbs, will still satisfy you but will not make you overeat.

3. It is full of magnesium. Any live plant foods that are green contain high amounts of magnesium. Green plants used to be our staple diet before grains came along and so much of our basic functioning (such as heart and muscular health) utlises magnesium as a prime nutritional component (because we could always have relied on green plants to be available). A truly healthy meal will thus usually look ‘green’.

4. It is low in unnatural stimulants. Humans brains have become overloaded with left-brained thinking which is analytical, work-orientated, goal-orientated and driven by future deadlines and expectations. This can be mentally exhausting and so we compensate by loading up on stimulants such as sugar/fat mixtures and caffeine. But the short-term fix they provide leads to increased long-term depeletion and thus worse problems. By removing unnatural stimulants your body will instead tell you when its time to rest and you’ll increasingly feel mentally fresher for longer.

5. It is dairy-free. Like grains, dairy products only came into the human diet a few thousand years ago. We have thus not had time to genetically adapt to them. Consequently dairy, especially from cows milk, has many functional consequences such as immune suppression and congestion. Getting your fats from natural nuts, fish and oils is a much healthier alternative, plus without carbs, dairy products have fewer uses anyway.

6. It is free of mass-produced meat products. Most mass-produced meat is full of growth hormones and antibiotics. The animal has also usually been treated poorly and thus its fat content isn’t as healtjhy as it would be if it was wild. There is no nutritionally valid reason to eat these kind of meat products.

So, if you want to eat healthily in order to feel fresher or improve your body shape, but you don’t have time to make heathy food every day, then start eating my food parcels.

For just £12 a day you’ll get a whole day’s food that is no more expensive than most people’s daily food budget and its convenient too, because you can pick it up from our Crussh cafe on your way to work.