Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Teacher Training Programme

2019 Course Dates
at Light Centre Belgravia
Thursdays and Fridays:
17 & 18 Jan
14 & 15 Feb
2 & 3 May

With Karen Atkinson – MindfulnessUK

The course includes:

  • The assessment process- when to teach and when not to
  • Background to secular mindfulness
  • A detailed week by week 8 week programme for each session of the MBSR course
  • Exploration of the inquiry process
  • A lovely booklet of poems, prose and stories to include in your teaching
  • Guidance and experiential learning of all the mindfulness practices, exercises, strategies and techniques
  • Dynamics around “holding” a group
  • Dealing with difficulties and pain
  • How to be a mindful teacher and the 8 attitudes of mindfulness
  • Encouraging, setting and helping the participants sustain home practice
  • Advice and support in setting up your own courses
  • Assessment of the student’s portfolio
  • Referee to the UK Mindfulness Network regulated List of Teachers

Pre-requisites: Applicants must have completed the MBSR course in a group setting, have a regular mindfulness practice of 6 months or more and follow ethical codes of conduct.

Course cost: The cost includes x6 days face to face teaching, review of portfolio, advice and support throughout the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) training route and acting as referee to recommend the learner to the UK Network of Mindfulness Teachers regulated Listing at the end of the training.

Supervision: Please note that supervision for the first 2 courses is an essential part of the training and is offered remotely via Skype or telephone. The learner will be asked to submit audio or video, along with weekly lesson plans, to support the process of supervision. There is an additional cost for weekly supervision. You can, however, charge participants.for these courses.

Additional Elements: Learners will also be required to attend a one day Inquiry Workshop, a 5 day silent retreat (adhering to the GPG’s), both for additional cost, maintain a mindfulness meditation diary and submit a CPD portfolio at the end of the training to receive a certificate and apply for the UK Listing of Mindfulness Teachers.

Further details of the teacher training pathway and additional costs are on our website: