Yin Yoga Teacher Training Level 1


Option 1: From Tuesday 22nd to Tuesday 29th August 2017
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8:30am – 5pm each day

Light Centre Belgravia


  • £850 level 1; £850 level 2 or £1,600 for the full 100h
  • Non refundable deposit: £150 to guarantee a place on the course. Full payment is required before the course start date.
  • Payment is by BACS to the Light Centre.


  • Practice the 20 main Yin-Yoga poses
    (And familiarize yourself with the variations)
  • Learn the 17 transitions poses
    (Create session moving from Yin to Yang practice)
  • Discover and share the practice of Assisted Yin
    (A practice for the very stiff body or for those with injuries)
  • Cultivation of breath body
    (Leading towards a tranquil mind)


  • Looking at the 14 Skeletal segments of the body
    (Understanding skeletal variations)
  • Use the thigh/Torso Myofascial mandalas (Developing a functional approach of Yoga)
  • Understand Tension & Compression
    (Limitation & stimulation of all Asanas)
  • Study the benefits of the Yin-Yoga Practice
    (Anatomical & energetic benefits and how it can improve your health)
  • Appreciate the role of the connective tissues in relation to Yoga practice
    (Fascia network and tensegrity / Ligaments, tendons ..)

Teaching Methodology

  • Knowledge and understanding of the Yin-Yoga approach
    (Learn the difference between a Yin “Passive” and Yang “Dynamic” style of Yoga
  • How to communicate effectively the value of Yin-Yoga
    (Teaching methodology / Function Vs Aesthetic )
  • Acquire the skill of sequencing Yin-Yoga
    (Design class from an anatomical point of view)
  • Use the 9 Levels of Awareness
    (To influence your practice and guide your teaching)


  • The learning prescription
    (Shravana, Manana, Nididhyasa or Yoga Citta Vritti Nirodha)
  • The Tattvas of the Yin Practice
    (The principles and qualities of the practice)
  • Clarify and define the path of Yoga
    (As a Psycho-Spiritual system)

For more information on the curriculum please contact : yogawithsebastian@gmail.com

About the teachers

To request a course pack, or reserve a place on the course, please contact chloe@lightcentre.com