Yin Yoga Teacher Training Level 2


From Tuesday 10th to Tuesday 17th October 2017
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8:30am – 5pm each day

Light Centre Belgravia


  • £850 level 1; £850 level 2 or £1,600 for the full 100h
  • Early bird: £750 for level 2 if full payment received by 1st July 2017.
  • Non refundable deposit: £150 to guarantee a place on the course. Full payment is required before the course start date.
  • Payment is by BACS to the Light Centre.


  • Practice the Meridian Series related to the 5 Elements
    (Using Asanas & Chinese meridians theory to revitalise body/organs)
  • Familiarise yourself with Meridian Tracing
    (Memorise the meridian’s location)
  • Stimulate the Qi along the Meridians
    (Using Shiatsu technique to apprehend the Qi/Meridian)
  • Learn the 5 Elements Qigong & Wuji Standing Meditation
    (The Taoist & Meditative approach of well-being


  • The Upper Body Muscles Group
    (The Walkabout sequence of the upper body Muscles)
  • Looking at the Fascia Network Vs Acupuncture Channels
    (The Acupuncture channels of the East are the Fascial plane of the West)
  • Theory Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Approach the Meridian System
    (The 12 Main meridians & their relation to the organs)
  • Look at the 5 Elements Theory
    (Generative & Controlling cycles)
  • Understand the Flow & Formation of Qi
    (Qi movement & different type of Qi)
  • Study Water-Wood-Earth-Fire-Metal Elements
    (Relation & Function of Zhang & Fu organs to each Elements)
  • Identify the 3 treasures of TCM
    (Jing/Physical, Qi/Energetic, Shen/Spiritual)

Teaching Methodology

  • Acquire the Skill of Sequencing Yin-Yoga
    (Design class from a meridian point of view)
  • Understand the 3 layers of the body
    (The 3 symmetrical pairs subcircuits of the body)


  • Origin, Symbolism, Coexistence & the Qualities of the “Way”

About the teachers

For more information on the curriculum please contact : yogawithsebastian@gmail.com

To request a course pack, or reserve a place on the course, please contact chloe@lightcentre.com