Course Dates, Prices and Curriculum


6-9 April 2017 – Dan Peppiatt, Lolo Lam and Ambra Vallo
Focus on Developing Your Own Practice through Asana
An Introduction to Yoga Like Water –Exploring The Elements of Yoga
Diving into Sun Salutations
Understanding and Developing Your Own Practice
Safe Journey to Challenging Asana

1-4 June 2017 – Dan Peppiatt, Lolo Lam, Mimi Kuo Deemer, Victoria Adamson
Focus on Breath and Energy
Functional Anatomy of breathing
The Art of Mindful Breathing
Mahat Pranayama Level 1 & 2
The Energetic Quality of Yoga

22-23 July 2017 – Toni Ann Roberts
Focus on Yoga and the Mind
The Mind and Yoga-Meditation, Concentration, Relaxation and Yoga Nidra
The Psychotherapeutic Benefits of Yoga

2-3 September 2017 – Dan Peppiatt & Lolo Lam
Focus on Exploring Asana and Anatomy Part 1
Understanding & Exploring Seated, Kneeling and Standing Postures
Functional Anatomy of the Knees, Ankles, Feet and Pelvis
Basic Teaching and listening Skills

28-29 October 2017 – Dan Peppiatt and Lolo Lam
Focus on Exploring Asana and Anatomy Part 2
Understanding & Exploring Inverted Postures, Standing Balances and Backbends
Functional Anatomy and physiology of the spine, shoulders, hands and wrists
Basic Teaching and Listening Skills continued

16-17 December 2017 – Lolo Lam; Mimi Kuo Deemer
Working Intuitively with your Students Postural Practice ‘The Power of Touch’
Keeping your students safe and encouraging the right alignment for them
Finding Sequential Flow-working with pranic flow to help students find alignment

24-25 February 2018 – Jambo Truong
Deepening Your Teaching Practice
Making Your Teaching Practice your Spiritual Practice
Breaking Through Personal Conditioning to Uncover Your Inner Teacher

13-15 April 2018 – Kat Farrants; Dan Peppiatt; Lolo Lam
Polishing Your Teaching Skills and Finding Your Place in the World of Yoga
The Business of Yoga
Planning and Sequencing Classes and Series of Classes
The Language of Yoga-The Power of Voice
Keeping Yourself and Your Students Safe

– £3,000 for 200hr TT / £3,150 if paid in instalments
– Early Bird: £2,750 if full payment is received by 31st December 2016
– Non-refundable deposit: £300 to reserve a place on the course
Payment plans are available. Please contact for more details.

We highly recommend booking for the whole immersion. However, if you have already completed a 200Hr teacher training diploma, you can also book some of the weekends as CPD. We have opened 10 extra spots per CPD weekend. Please click on each weekend for detailed description and to book your place. We will release the information once CPD registration is open.

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