Course Facilitators


The way in which our immersion is very much experiential, with the emphasis on the student to explore the topics themselves under our guidance. Rather than simply transferring lots of information to be remembered…which is a largely pointless and boring exercise, we work on the basis of 40% guidance and 60% questions, with you doing 60% of the hard work! That way you will really get to grips with the units as you study them, developing a deeper long-term understanding, rather than superficial fading memories.

We certainly don’t believe that one person should be responsible for delivering their opinions to others on a course of any kind, especially this one where the emphasis is to encourage an exploration of your ‘own path’. So we have pulled together some very special and highly respected teachers from across the UK to deliver parts of the course which they are especially passionate about. Feed off of their experience and apply it as you feel is right for you.

Find out more about your course tutors below. You can also meet them on Saturday 28th January, 4.30-5.30pm at the Light Centre Belgravia, for a free talk: ‘Meet the Tutors’. Advance booking is essential. Book here.

Dan took up yoga over twenty years ago after a variety of physical symptoms resulting from anxiety. He spent many years as a science teacher after a stint at medical school and combines his teaching experience and scientific background to explain things in a clear, logical and non dogmatic way. He truly believes that there is a perfect form of yoga for everyone, we just have to trust ourselves to find it! Dan is the founder of Yoga Like Water and teaches widely at studios across the country to both students and existing teachers of yoga. He also runs North Devon yoga Centre with his wife Gemma and a team of fabulous local yogis.

Having closely observed the consequences of inactivity and a poor lifestyle whilst working for many years as an intensive care nurse, Lolo is passionate about getting people on the mat – happy, raging, crying or laughing she’ll take whatever you’re bringing! Lolo teaches the dynamic, Ashtanga inspired, Rocket system, created by Larry Schultz . Her classes combine a powerful yet nurturing energy with a mischievous sparkle, balancing out strength with flexibility and hard work with playfulness. With the emphasis on connecting breath and movement, she enjoys challenging her students to find a deeper level of practice that transcends the physical asanas. Lolo is one of Londons most popular teachers and can be found at Indaba and Yogarise Peckham amongst other haunts.

After retiring form a long and succesful career in classical ballet, Ambra turned to yoga to ground herself and heal her body after years of intense training. She has studied a wide range of yoga styles and is an advanced Dharma and Forrest Yoga teacher as well as being qualified in Rocket and Vinyasa flow. Her passion is mindful movement and simply watching her practise asana is a joy. Ambra is another travelling teacher and although based in Birmingham, can be found spreading her knowledge to students up and down the country.

Victoria qualified as a Sivananda yoga teacher in 1997. After further study of Scaravelli and Purna yoga and having attended Advanced level training, Victoria combined all of these disciplines to create a style of yoga that is both intense and holistic, encompassing all the traditions of Raja and Hatha yoga. Victoria studied Mahat Pranayama under the discipline of Swami Gitananda and now delivers this specialised course to students of yoga herlsef.

Mimi has been a student of Yoga since 1995 and an avid lover of dance since 1978, when her mother put her in ballet school for walking with turned-in toes. Mimi teaches vinyasa Yoga, qigong and meditation. She champions the balance of playfulness and precision as the best way forward in practice and in life, and never underestimates how sitting, breathing and conscious movement can provide the clearest perspective on the messy, complex and often predictable job of being human.

Toni has probably trained more yoga teachers than most tutors in the UK. She is an inspiration and I have never met another teacher with such a broad range of knowledge about absolutely all things yoga related; from yoga history and philosophy through to anatomy and sequencing. She is also very humble and willing to share her thousands of hours of training with anyone willing to learn. Toni’s passion is working with the mind, she brings some elements of her much longer yoga psycotherpy course into this training and we are honoured to have her along.

Jambo is a joy to be around, though he spends some much time globetrotting, teaching all over the world that you will be lucky to spend much time with him at all! Jambo believes that the foundation for physical and emotional growth walk side by side. The yoga mat is a safe arena to explore the areas we are working towards as well as the places we are afraid to meet. This safe space is deliberately generated so that we can walk with full integration. All of our gifts and the shadows that we need to snuggle up to.
His teaching style is all-encompassing. He loves teaching mixed level classes and is skilled at providing something for any-body to do to maintain integrity to the sequence and intent. He will take you to your limits and beyond!

Like it or not, if you are going to teach yoga then you will at least want to give yourself a chance of filling your classes. As the founder of ‘Movement for Modern Life’ – probably the UKs most popular online wellbeing website, Kat is a genius of blending yoga and business. This unit explains some of the must do’s for a new teacher as well as some of the pitfalls that you will probably want to avoid!