Thai Yoga Massage Foundation Course




A wonderful hands-on therapy that combines deep compressions, applied stretches, oil work, myofascial and structural release, acupressure and traction as well as using scarves, fire cupping and scraping techniques. Based on Buddhist medicine, and Thai anatomy, looking at the body in relation to the element system, students can provide deeply relaxing yet effective remedial treatments.

At the London Institute of Thai Yoga Massage, we specialise in teaching you this unique ancient therapy. We have a fresh, creative and modern approach, integrating Thai medical theory with a strong understanding of anatomical connectivity. Students learn to use touch to slowly sink through the layers of the body, create space and movement in the tissues, encouraging balance and improved health. We offer the highest standard of accredited and certified diplomas and training to ensure that our Thai yoga massage courses are rewarding on both a professional and personal level.


London Institute of Thai Yoga Massage are excited to bring a new and unique structure to Thai Bodywork Training for 2016-7. This is unlike any other course in the UK. Our inspirational training programmes are carefully planned to be engaging and fulfilling, and will surely set you apart from the rest.

Our six day modules are open to any existing Thai practitioners, anyone new to Thai bodywork, movement specialists or those starting out in the therapy field.

Take the Thai Massage Essentials and Deep Tissue Thai Massage and Stretch modules towards a professional qualification. There will be case studies, a practical and multiple choice exam and a project to complete at the end of the course.

Existing practitioners who want to further and add to their training can take any or all of the 6-day modules and will receive a certificate for each completed.

For more information or to request a course pack, please contact

There are no pre-requisites to study with us.

Natasha de Grunwald’s career as a Thai yoga massage practitioner has spanned over more than twenty years, and she was one of the pioneers of Thai Massage in the UK. She is the founder of the London Institute of Thai Yoga Massage and teaches inspirational Thai massage workshops from beginners to advanced levels. Her dedicated approach has led her to train with masters the world over, including Asokananda in the UK and New Zealand, and Ananda Apfelbaum in New York.

We are very pleased to bring you a Thai Massage training like no other.
Throughout this six-day course, we will look at the true history of Thai massage and its Buddhist medicine roots, dispelling myths and bringing a structure to life that is based on ancient medical texts which were translated only recently. We will begin to explore Thai anatomy and discuss basic Thai element theory.
You will learn to approach the body with hands-on therapeutic massage techniques with ancient medical theory at its roots. On this six-day journey, lessons will include spiritual practices, self massage, layers, lines and history as well as remedial Thai Massage techniques using feet, elbows, palms, thumbs and forearms. You will learn techniques such as rubbing, beating, compressions, stretching, thumbing, range of motion and traction.

This training can be completed over 2 x 3-day weekends in November 2016 or 3 weekends in January 2017, or as a 6-day intensive (dates TBC depending on demand, please register your interest and availability).

– Autumn 2016:
4th/5th/6th November and 25th/26th/27th November 2016
– Winter 2017:
20th/21st/22nd January and 3rd/4th/5th February 2017
– Autumn 2017:
10th/11th/12th November and 1st/2nd/3rd December 2017

Your investment: £600, including a £200 non refundable deposit to reserve a place.

This module offers another unique schedule of six day training to take your practice deeper.
The combination of effective stretches and deep tissue Thai massage techniques affect muscle, fascia, Sen and bone to open and release the body on a structural level.
This module focuses on providing a skilful and professional approach to massage. It will become clear when to use each technique for the most effective results. We will continue with medical theory and Thai anatomy.
You will learn new positions and methods for massage and bodywork, dispersing techniques, targeted and focused stretches, deep sustained compressions using feet, elbows, forearms, thumbs, shins, knees.

– Winter 2017
24th/25th/26th February ; 24th/25th/26th March 2017

Your investment: £600 / Early Bird £550 if full payment received by 30th November 2016.


Massage is just one of 15 Thai bodywork techniques. This six day course takes your practice to the next level using ancient tools and techniques to provide a deeply healing therapy.
Learn how to make and apply the aromatic and sublime herbal compresses, balms and liniments to soothe, invigorate, cool, warm and nourish.
Enjoy the Fire cupping and intense body scraping methods. Learn how to playfully and effectively use scarves to change your bodywork practice.
This is a fun and inspiring course that gives you unusual, powerful and hands-off tools that will deeply benefit your clients.

– Spring 2017
6th/7th May; 20th/21st May

Your investment: £500 / Early Bird £450 if full payment received by 31st January 2017.

There is an additional exam fee of £85 for students who wish to take the training to professional level. Students must complete all work and finish the exam within one year of completing the training.

10am – 5pm each day

For those who want to gain a professional qualification, we suggest this order of a ten-step plan:
1) Take ‘Foundations in Thai Bodywork’ – 6-day module
2) Take ‘Deep Thai Massage and Stretch’ – 6-day module
3) Complete 35 case studies, write a written project (1-3,000 words) and case study summary
4) Take a practical and multiple choice exam and hand in written work (within one year of the course, dates set by LITYM)
5) Make sure you have completed 55 hours Anatomy & Physiology / level 3 diploma
6) on successful completion, receive Thai Bodywork Diploma
7) Take ‘Tools of Thai Bodywork’ 6-day module – earn CPD points
8) Complete 10 case studies to receive certification
9) Take ‘Thai RX’ 6-day module with US teacher, dates TBC
10) Receive advanced certification and earn CPD points
‘Thai Bodywork Diploma’ is a professional, certified qualification recognised by FHT and other bodies, including THAI (international).  The diploma and A & P qualification enable you to charge for treatments and work professionally.

Please email for more information or to request a course pack.

Do not hesitate to contact Natasha on 07885 858579 or if you have any questions about the course.
twitter: @massagethaiyoga
instagram: @thaiyogamassage