About Us

The Light Centre is London’s leading health and wellbeing centre providing a comprehensive, holistic method of achieving better health and wellbeing.

Good health and wellbeing doesn’t happen by accident and few people in the modern world are achieving it. Most problems are now chronic, the result of accumulating physical, biochemical and mental stresses, caused by lifestyle choices. Micro-management through better everyday lifestyle choices is better than allowing stresses to accumulate and wait for acute symptoms to inevitably appear.

The Light Centre offers this comprehensive one-stop shop for health solutions, including:

In our two large studios we host over 60 Yoga and Pilates classes a week.

In our Therapy Centre we host many Osteopaths & Physiotherapists, plus over 30 complementary health practitioners such as Craniosacral Therapists, Acupuncturists, Masseurs, Reflexologists, Ayurvedic Practitioners, Counsellors, Hypnotherapists, NLP Life Coaches and Energy Therapists.

We also have our General Health Practitioners (GHPs) who offer the Holistic Health Screening which includes blood tests, a physical exam, digestive and nutritional status and lifestyle assessment. With over 100 health markers this is the best way to assess where you are now and then help guide you on an holistic programme for better health; be it classes, therapies, nutritional support or more.

Pilates Equipment Studio
The Private Pilates Equipment Studio at the Light Centre contains the most up-to-date Pilates and Gyrotonic equipment. In the studio you can get private or small-group tuition from a teacher that meets your specific needs.

Good Nutrition
We have an in-house Nutritional Therapist to help customers to adopt better eating patterns and at the front of the Centre we have a Healthy Eating Cafe run by our partners ‘Crussh’ where we sell a wide range of juices, healthy meals and snacks.

Workshops and Courses
We additionally host a range of workshops and teacher training courses.

Corporate Packages
We also offer corporate packages that include in-house talks, annual health screening, class membership, discounts and regular therapy offers. For details please email Mark Thompson at mark@lightcentre.com.