An invitation from Mark Thompson D.O., N.D., Principal, Light Centre

mark thom“I started the Light Centre ten years ago because I believed that modern medicine had become incapable of providing the guidance and support people needed to plan for a healthy and happy life and that people badly needed a better alternative.

After ten years, our concept of a comprehensive health centre that provides holistic and objective advice is still in its infancy, we have launched the next step in our development.

We have an onsite General Health Practitioner who can act as a guide and sounding board for our customers and we also launch our own holistic health screening service so we can help people to objectively assess where they currently are in their health journey and where they’re going.

I have always thought that the screening provided by large health operators is over-rated and massively over-priced. We have thus developed our own ‘comprehensive’ screening including all the standard blood tests and physiological examinations, but also with much better physical and dietary/wellbeing assessments. In all there are over 100 markers, all displayed on a client’s own colourful results page accessible online. What’s more, rather than charging hundreds of pounds we are charging just £90.

The £90 fee also covers a follow-up, one-hour health planning session with your GHP so that your results can be put into context and used to create a health creation p lan for the following year. Your GHP will then also act as your impartial guide to discuss your successes and failures and help you to stick to your goals.

If there’s one place that you should start to spend money on your health then this is it.

To make an appointment for our Comprehensive Holistic health Screening simply call reception on 020 7881 0728 and ask for a screening time. If after having gone through this process you don’t think that it has been a valuable and important step in your long-term health planning then I will personally and happily give you your money back.”