Pilates Teachers

maide-de-marinisMAIDE DE MARINIS is an experienced Pilates Instructor, having trained at Stott Pilates in London and Toronto with master trainers. She teaches mat work, reformer and all studio equipment. In class, Maide encourages students to be mindful of posture and alignment whilst practicing exercises and Maide draws upon her extensive knowledge to help improve Students’ practice on an ongoing basis.


Poi YungPOI YUNG trained with Pilates Foundation for her classical and remedial Pilates and Thoughtful Body for her pre- and post-natal studies. Her style is gentle, precise and strengthening to focus on centring, breathing, calming and relaxing.  Clients learn to connect with their mind and body to understand good alignment and posture for stability, flexibility and strength, moving from their centre to avoid any imbalances, strains and injuries as the body develops through the various stages of pregnancy.  She aims to get her clients to connect with their pelvic floors, deep core abdominal muscles and all other major muscles groups working deep within to outer surface for a balanced and healthy pregnancy.

federicaFEDERICA ZURLENI trained with Body control pilates and her classes focuses on gaining awareness and control within our bodies for full functionality and good / natural movements patters. Her background is in dancing therefore you will find that her sessions are strongly influenced by dance techniques to help you achieve fluidity and coordination while moving.



Andrea OndruskovaANDREA ONDRUSKOVA trained with Pole Star Pilates. Her classes have a strong focus on principles of good posture, alignment and functionality of healthy movement. Classes are varied in content and often dynamic.



Michael MuschMICHAEL MUSCH is a qualified personal trainer and nutritionist. He teaches Pilates, Aerobics, Conditioning and Circuit Training. Michael’s teaching style is very dynamic as it brings more fun to the practice and also delivers a strong workout.




Lia AluLIA ALU brings a wealth of experience to her classes, blending her knowledge of dance and movement with classical Pilates to create a rewarding and enjoyable experience for her students.




Georgina HaydonGEORGINA HAYDON Originally trained as a dancer, in classical and contemporary dance, Georgina has a keen interest in the body, mind, its expression and movement. Having suffered with a back injury, she has particularly focused her work on healing, exploring, and understanding ourselves on a deeper level, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The journey of our body and mind is endless, and incredibly fascinating, once we make that decision to look within. Our body is very much an expression of our mind, our feelings and emotions, and experience.