Poi Yung

Poi YungAfter an ankle injury and lower back problem, Poi undertook a Pilates In Motion Teacher Training Programme. The course with Anoushka Boone improved her muscle flexibility, tone, strength and achieved good skeletal alignment. Poi was so inspired by Anoushka and the various guest teachers in different movement disciplines that she became very interested in mind and body work. Poi’s intensive training provided her with the knowledge to rehabilitate her own body. In 2008, Poi changed career to teach and promote pilates as she enjoyed working with people and felt satisfaction in helping many clients to stay fit, strong and healthy as well as overcoming musculoskeletal conditions.

Since qualifying, Poi has applied her training to help her mother overcome an osteoarthritic condition by addressing and rehabilitating her musculoskeletal imbalance to prevent spinal surgery. Poi’s mother is practising pilates to help with her condition. She also used the pilates method on her siblings during their pre-and post-natal developments.

Poi’s clients and friends have benefited from her work in managing various conditions including scoliosis, osteoporosis, rotator cuff, neck, shoulder, wrist, hip and back issues.

Poi is passionate about her work and takes great pride in ensuring all her clients, including the elderly and pregnant women, are taught to execute the classical repertoire and tailored exercises in a precise and correct manner. She is patient, empathetic and supportive and encourages her clients to bring posture awareness in their daily life.

Pregnancy Class: Poi teaches pregnant clients to be centered so they become more aware of their mind and body. She guides her clients in deep breathing to promote calm and relaxation. The sequence of routines are adapted to suit all abilities with an emphasis on quality and flow of movement. Poi aims to give her clients safe and achievable exercises to boost their confidence so that they are sufficiently challenged and revitalised. Pilates, if executed correctly, can be one of the safest and most effective exercise regimes for pre- and post-natal women. The sequence of exercises are gentle and modified to target the deep muscles closest to the bones in maintaining good skeletal alignment, whilst focusing on the four abdominal muscles and major muscle groups. Women will transition through many physical, mental, emotional and hormonal changes during their pregnancy whilst they endeavour to achieve balance in their work and home life. As the foetus grows, the woman’s centre of gravity changes, thus affecting their posture. Through regular pilates training, the spine is lengthened to create space for foetal growth and muscles remain long, lean and strong to carry the increased foetal weight. Pilates provides pre- and post-natal women with the confidence to maintain an active life. Women’s hormones will continue to fluctuate during pregnancy. Pilates can help to regulate these hormonal changes, spatial awareness, co-ordination and body balance. In addition, deep breathing during exercising can allow more oxygen and blood flow to the foetus, creating calm and feelings of wellbeing for the mother and foetus during pregnancy and at birth.

Note: If you are new to Pilates, please seek consent from your general practitioner, midwife or healthcare practitioner and clear 12 weeks (if no medical issues), 14 weeks (if you have suffered ailments during pregnancy) before attending a class.

If you have any queries or would like private classes, please contact Poi as follows:

Email: pycorepilates@yahoo.com or Mobile: 07930 171001