Samantha Webster

Samantha WebsterSamantha’s 10-year progression into Pilates instruction has been as natural as the life she has tried to cultivate. Her search for a truly balanced lifestyle has led her through a career in cheffing and nutrition, as well as five committed years in Kung Fu training.

Sam first came across Pilates when it was recommended to her by her physiotherapist after doing some serious ligament damage to her knee during a Kung Fu sparring session and since then her journey has led her to the beautiful practice of Pilates, and the promise of lifelong health, balance and vitality.

Sam is a matwork teacher, and Pilates Foundation member, who loves to use props or small equipment such as the swiss ball, overball, magic circle, foam roller and resistance band. She believes that the key to happiness is in the details and this also applies to the way she conducts her Pilates classes. Exercise should be fun but completely effective too, in order to get the most out of your time.

Sam has also completed her specialised training to teach pre and post natal clients. She is also a member of the Guild of Pregnancy and Post Natal Exercise Instructors.