Elisabetta Rizzato Harpal Satya Kaur

Reiki Master Therapist

Fridays 2.15 pm – 5.15 pm

07491 895 969

£70 per 65 mins of treatment include: 10 mins of free check and balance of your chakras before every session plus 55 mins of Reiki session using Crystals and Aromatherapy.
Packages for 3 or more sessions are available on request

Reiki is the universal healing energy flow. It brings deep relaxation, it helps to naturally release any blocks present in your chakras, it enhances the emotional state into a more positive attitude and it helps to get a brighter look of the life you are spending here on Earth.

Reiki also helps to improve physical and mental diseases, it boosts the energy level of your body and it gently touches your spiritual awareness to remember you that you are a holistic being. Reiki takes you towards your Divine inner state made of peace, light and pure joy.

It is also possible to book, with the Therapist, for:

  • Reiki distance healing (get in touch with the Therapist to know the price).
  • Session at customer’s home (price per session lightly increase depending on travel distance).
  • Session at hospitals: when the customer is hospitalised, the session can take place in a hospital room subjecting to the medical staff authorisation (price per session lightly increase depending on travel distance).

Elisabetta Rizzato Harpal Satya Kaur
Qualification: Reiki Master and Teacher from Mikao Usui lineage.
Languages spoken: English, Italian, French
Student at UWL in Psychology with counselling theory
Intuitive Angel Card Reader
In 2007 and 2008: participant of “Villaggio Globale – Osho Meditation Centre” in Bagni di Lucca, Italy.