Paula Emmerton

Inner Wings Therapies
NLP, EFT, Havening Techniques®, Reflexology/Facial Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Reiki, Natural Lift Face Massage

07737 451 147

Fridays 2:15-8:15pm
Starting 11-01-2019

Benefits of treatments, include aiming to treat:

  • Trauma – related symptoms including depression, Resilience building.
  • Stress, anxiety, fears, phobia’s, grief
  • Life coaching, resolving inner conflict, enhancing various aspects of life
  • Relaxation, feeling of wellbeing, releasing of toxins from body

Reflexology, facial reflexology, Indian head massage, Reiki, Natural Lift face massage:
£40 for 30 mins
£50 for 45mins
£70 for 60 mins
NLP, Havening Techniques® or EFT:
£80 for 60 mins
£110 for 90 mins
Special Offers:
– 20% off first treatment until 31st March 2019, block booking discount, please contact Paula for details
– Recommend a client and get 50% off your next treatment.

Paula has been a practicing therapist for ten years. She is an NLP Master, and also a Reiki Master. She aims to treat the mind and body, and will combine treatments if requested by the client to whatever suits their needs. Her passion is to make a difference to people’s lives ,general wellbeing, and works with clients on resilience building, so they are more equipped to face life’s challenges, and be the best version of themselves. Paula is empathic & compassionate.

The Havening Techniques® aims to treat depression & anxiety symptoms caused due to traumatic encoding of negative events using psychosensory input to alter thought, mood & behaviour, also aiming to treat PTSD. Paula can also combine NLP & EFT with these techniques. Paula will also show the client techniques they can use on themselves. It is science based, and works by causing a change in brain chemistry, aiming to permanently remove the emotion from the memory.

If you have any questions you would like to ask Paula, or would like to know where you can find out any more information about any of the therapies, please contact her, and she will be happy to assist.