Tanya Waters

IMG_6446 (533x800)PRICE:
Reconnective Healing Session: 90 GBP
The Reconnection: 333 Euro (or the GBP Equivalent)

T: 07584483185
E: tanyamariewaters@gmail.com
W: www.tanyawaters.com

– The Reconnection
– Reconnective Healing

In her early twenties, Tanya embarked on a promising career as a Molecular Biologist. However, it seems that life had different plans for her and she encountered serious health challenges which ultimately led her to explore the area of Holistic Healthcare. By a series of synchronicities, she discovered Reconnective Healing. Even though, she was initially very sceptical, she was blown away by the power and simplicity of this work. Not only did it bring her physical healing that could only be described as ‘miraculous’; It transformed every area of her life. Now, she is deeply passionate about sharing this work with others and assisting them to access the true power within them and to heal on all levels

Reconnective Healing utilises a comprehensive ‘bandwidth’ or ‘çontinuum’ of frequencies and is believed by scientists to be newly accessible to us. Reconnective Healing raises our vibratory level, brings balance and thereby allows for healing on all levels including the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.
The Reconnection is generally a life changing event. It can be likened to an energetic ‘upgrade’ and connects us to our true essence and to the Universe at large. It usually results in a life-path acceleration which is profound. Often after receiving The Reconnection, people develop a strong sense of purpose and a greater understanding of their role in the universe, experience more peace and contentment, more self awareness, stronger intuition and greater physical health among many other attributes. Through The Reconnection, many “remember” their true life purpose.