Chloe Smart

PRICE: £60/60min
Special offer: your first treatment for £45/50min taster session.

T: 0783 486 1991

In a Thai Yoga Massage session, the practitioner uses a wide range of techniques, including acupressure, reflexology, assisted yoga stretches, leaning pressure and energy line work. A treatment addresses the whole body. The practitioner uses her hands, feet, elbows and knees and performs yoga-like stretches on the receiver. Thai Yoga Massage is the application of metta, or loving-kindness, through touch. From the outside, TYM looks almost like a dance between practitioner and receiver. It can be described as a ‘moving meditation’, ‘compassion in action’. What is targeted in a treatment is Pranayama Kosha, the energy body in the receiver, and this is the field in which the some of the most powerful effects of the treatment will manifest.

14060446_678118031582_14352333_oABOUT CHLOE:
From the moment I received my first Thai massage treatment, I have been hooked by the amazing potential of this ancient healing art and wanted to learn this technique, so I could share it with others. A year later, I met my teacher and graduated from the London Institute of Thai Yoga Massage, under the guidance of Natasha de Grunwald.

Since I finished my training, I have had the honour to work with people from all walks of life, from office workers, to circus performers, pole dancers, and yoga teachers. I believe that everyone can benefit from a session. Whether you are looking for ways to cope with stress, or for some relief from back, shoulder or neck pain, a treatment will leave you feeling relaxed and restored. For dancers/athletes, I also highly recommend to book a session the day before a show or a competition, as it calms down the nervous system and prepares the body to perform at its best.

Treatment can help with symptoms such as:
– Upper back, neck and shoulder tension
– Back pain
– Stress and related conditions
– Migraines and insomnia
– Speeds up recovery from overtraining