Dr Dan Keown

author photoPRICE: £80 per session

T: 07875 736 955
E: getwellspace@gmail.com
W: www.getwell.space

– Womens health
– Sports injuries
– Headaches
– Back pain
– General health

ABOUT Dr Daniel Keown MBChb MCEM Lic Ac:
Dr Keown’s philosophy is to give you the tools to get well and stay well.
Everyone within them has the ability to be well, but sometimes the balance goes and disease starts. Chinese medicine works with the bodies own energy (Qi) by using acupuncture, cupping, warming herbs (moxibustion) and massage to bring you back to balance and health.
Dr Keown is both a qualified Western medical doctor and also a member of the British Acupuncture Council. He is the author of the bestselling ‘The Spark In The Machine’ and lectures internationally on Chinese medicine.
Read his blog at: www.getwell.space/blog
Dr Keown is registered with most private healthcare providers. Please contact him to confirm.