Karen Longwith

Eliminaser – Fungal Nail Treatment
Saturdays 9:00am – 1:00pm

Tel: 07921 588 087, 020 7867 3930
Email: info@eliminaser.co.uk
Website: http://www.eliminaser.co.uk
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  • Initial Consultation: £70
    (treatment can be performed at the same appointment)
  • Laser (low-level or ‘cold laser’) Treatment: From £139
  • Micro-Nail Infiltration – one session treatment: From £159
  • Athlete’s Foot Treatment: £70

Treatment Features:

  • Pain-free – guaranteed
  • 12 minutes per hand or foot
  • no down-time required

Video: See our Laser Treatment in action on ITV This Morning with Dr Chris

About the Treatment

With specialist treatment which achieves over 92% success your feet and hands can be a source of pride, not embarrassment, once more:

Eliminaser Fungal Nail Laser Treatment – 3 light spectrums
Eliminaser use not 1, not 2, but 3 different light spectrums in their treatment sessions. Absolutely painless, with none of the side effects associated with antifungal medication and no down time following sessions.

Promotes nail health and growth during treatment. Suitable for Diabetics.

Micro-Nail Infiltration (MNI) – single treatment solution
Creates a series of tiny holes in the nail plate (does not touch the skin beneath the nail) which allow specialist topical solutions to target the infection through to the nailbed.

The infected area/s are eliminated as the nail grows out.

Athlete’s Foot – eliminate the problem
Stop the itching, painful skin splits and fissures, flaking and excessive dryness associated with Athlete’s Foot. Just like the treatment itself, we guarantee our prevention advice is totally unique and very simple!

About Karen Longwith
Since losing her Mother to an untimely death, following a major amputation directly related to long-term fungal nail infection, Karen has spent nearly a decade seeking out the most effective, safe and painless treatment for this problem. Creating the Eliminaser system for onychomycosis elimination.

Every week Karen now helps people finally eliminate long-term, sometimes decades old, persistent or virulent, fungal nail infections.

Karen lives in Central London, and runs a growing number of clinics dedicated to successful treatment of onychomycosis and Athlete’s Foot and raising awareness that complete elimination is now possible.