Tessa Bali

Tessa Bali Holistic Therapy

Lomilomi Hawaiian Massage / Clinical Hypnotherapy / Past-Life & Current-Life Regression Therapy / Deep Tissue Massage / Aromatherapy Massage / Usui Reiki

Saturday 1.15pm – 5.15pm

07947 849 602
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Areas of Speciality

  • Lomilomi Hawaiian Massage – Release energy blocks.
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy – Use deep hypnotic trance to explore & change deep subconscious limitations that lead to Anxiety, Depression, Phobias, Limiting Patterns & Beliefs. Tessa Specialises in Stress Reduction, Panic Attacks, Ego-Strengthening & Smoking Cessation.
  • Past-Life & Current-Life Regression Therapy – Find healing for a chosen challenge by exploring previous scenarios in this or other lives; find progress & closure for old stories.
  • Deep Tissue Aromatherapy Massage – Deeply therapeutic, treating individual pathologies, energies & moving tension & adhesions away.
  • Usui Reiki Healing – Find peace, tranquility, healing & balance by letting Reiki (universal energy) restore your chakras

Aromatherapy Massage from £65/hr
Clinical Hypnotherapy from £95/hr
Reiki from £50/30mins £75/hr
Smoking Cessation £350/2hrs
Past-Life Regression £190/2hrs
Lomilomi Hawaiian Massage £110/ 90mins
Special Offers
Usui Reiki Affirmation Creation & Installation Session, 90 minutes, £111.
(30 minute Affirmation Creation & 60 minute Reiki Installation).
10% off Past Life Regression Therapy when you book with a Signature 90 minute Deep Tissue Aromatherapy Treatment from Tessa.

10% off Clinical Hypnotherapy when you book three sessions.
Clinical Hypnotherapy Consultation is free when over the phone.

Clinical Hypnotherapy – Six Session Package, £510 (usually £570).

Two hour Bliss Lomilomi Hawaiian Massage, £170

2 x 90 minute Deep Tissue Aromatherapy Massages,
& 90 minutes Usui Reiki Affirmation Creation & Installation Session.
& 60 minute Reiki Treatment for your friend.
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Offers valid during April, May & June

For more information on the therapies Tessa offers visit www.tessabaliholistic.com

Tessa cares deeply about improving the quality of life for her clients. 5* reviews reveal this every time.

Tessa’s signature Deep Tissue Aromatherapy Massage has people returning time & time again and is unconventional considering that aromatherapy massage is traditionally gentler. The deeper application of pure essential oils mean tension & adhesions are worked away, leaving you feel lighter and easier.

Lomilomi Hawaiian Massage is Tessa’s near favourite physical therapy offering. This beautiful & liberating 90 minute treatment assists the release of physical, energetic, emotional, spiritual blockages. Let the spirit of Aloha into your life.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is a passion of Tessa’s who writes sessions for each client and harnesses therapeutic scripts from the Masters of Hypnotherapy like Albert Ellis and Milton Erickson. Hypnosis is a powerful tool for harnessing your own subconscious to explore a life of less limitations.

Regression Therapy, in particular Past-Life Regression Therapy is Tessa’s favourite tool for finding healing for current challenges. Whether you believe in past-lives or not, your subconscious or your imagination will find a past scenario or story that will shed light on how far you have progressed, on behavioural or spiritual patterns, leading to greater understanding, learning & healing.