Alicia Ferrero

Life Coaching

Mondays 8am – 11am
(other times can be arranged)

07468 335 125

Areas of Speciality:

  • Life Purpose
  • Stress & Anxiety management
  • Mindfulness
  • Raising Self Esteem
  • Depression
  • Co-Dependency
  • Addictions

Initial Consultation: £80 (60min)
Sessions thereafter: £100 (60min)

Alicia is a London based Transformation coach, Yoga and Mindfulness teacher. Deeply passionate about supporting people find their true purpose, she empowers her clients to live happy, meaningful and authentic lives.

Whether you are in the middle of a career change, a life transition or needing guidance with a specific area of your life, Alicia will give you guided insight and actions on you, your career, and/or your relationships. Alicia’s sessions cultivate collaborative solutions in order to create positive, lasting changes that aid the self-development necessary to become the person you are meant to be.

Alicia’s coaching fosters a supportive environment for you to talk freely and confidentially, allowing you to fully explore your potential, whilst identifying and addressing any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back.

Alicia is a Certified Coach from Stanford University, has a BA in Psychology, an MA in International Development, and is a Certified Facilitator of the Embody Love Movement to empower girls and women. This extensive training has helped Alicia to provide an integrated, holistic approach to her work, resulting in her clients feeling supported in their journey of self discovery and personal growth. She believes that every person has the potential within them to thrive and create an extraordinary, fulfilling life; she is passionate about supporting people to uncover their true potential.

Alicia is also the founder of Happy at Heart, an organisation that promotes the benefits of Yoga and Mindfulness to children and young people.