Caroline McIvor

Inner Balance Coach

Supporting clients to regain their inner balance and create the life they really want.

Intro Offer:
New clients receive first Inner Balance Coaching session for free (usually £80)

Wednesdays 5:15-8:15pm
07484 169 233


  • Executive Coach (Advanced)
  • Personality styles (psychometric assessments)
  • Diploma in Energetic & Spiritual Healing
  • Reiki I&II
  • Theta healing certified for Basic, Advanced & Intuitive Anatomy.
  • Mindfulness/Meditation

About Caroline:
With over 20 years experience in the Corporate world within the fields of Leadership Development, Coaching and Consulting, Caroline fully understands the conflicting pressures, ambiguity and political environments corporate people must navigate daily. Maintaining your inner balance can be a constant challenge.

To complement these scientific/psychological methods, Caroline has spent over 10 years studying and practicing metaphysical approaches to more fully understand the human experience. This has led to the realisation – we are more than just our physical bodies, thoughts and emotions. We are also energetic beings who each emit an energy field. Imbalances within a person’s energy field will affect their external world. It is important we learn to control and protect our energy field and reduce the impact of negative situations and individuals on our lives.

As your Inner Balance Coach, Caroline will support you by intuitively drawing on skills and techniques to bring you back into balance on an energetic level. You will leave every session feeling grounded and more in control. You will also learn new techniques you can easily incorporate into your day to day lives.