Maggie Sarfo

Akashic Records, Purpose Development, Transpersonal Therapy

Saturdays 1-5pm

07584 099 605
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Areas of Speciality:

  • Akashic Records / Purpose Development (Personal/Business)
  • Personal Growth Mentoring
  • Remote Healing
  • Executive & Leadership Mentoring
  • Speaking Engagements on Conscious Transformation

60 mins = £99 (Akashic Records / Purpose Consultations / Remote Healing)
3 Sessions = £455 (Bespoke Mentoring & Integration Programme)
Leadership & Speaking Engagements – Bespoke

Maggie Sarfo is a certified Personal Growth and Purpose Development Mentor for individuals looking to access their highest potential.

For over 18 years, she’s dealt with and come across people who are faced with blocks that prevent them from living their lives to their fullest potential.

She woke up one morning with the sound of Akasha ringing in her ears. This led her to discover the Akashic Records as a tool to unlock these blocks and heal herself and others; so they can move forward in confidence. She’s specialises in personal and business Akashic Records.

Maggie combines holistic modalities, quantum science and DNA healing tools with her business and people development abilities to balance all 4 aspects of ourselves – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

She serves local and global clients in person or remotely (via Zoom/Skype).

Maggie is certified as a Level 3 Akashic Records Consultant with Journey to the Heart (USA). She also holds an MBA, PGCert Human Resources Management, CIPD.

Akashic Records Consultation
Gives you access to your soul records and enables you to identify and address challenged aspects of you that are preventing you from living the life of your dreams – personal life, career/business, relationships, financial etc.

Business Akashic records consultations are also available.

We eliminate all guess work; delving into past, present and future issues.

Purpose Development Consultation
Connects you to your true soul’s blueprint, eliminate repeated patterns that don’t serve you and activates your highest potential future path for alignment into personal life, career/business, relationships, financial etc.

Remote Healing Session
You don’t have to do much except be at home for the appointment.

It’s focused on what you need most now to be in your true happy state – fully balanced (emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually). We also align your 7-13 chakra system (energy centres) as needed.

After the session you will be emailed a summary of what came up to be healed, healing done and actions to take. A 15min complimentary call to discuss the summary is offered.

Bespoke Mentoring & Integration Programme
Enables you balance physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of you; so you can access your highest potential and perform at your peak – career/business, personal life etc.

(with practical steps like designing your daily practice, dealing with mindset issues, creating future paths, clearing and 5D manifestation tools etc).