Debora Di Donato

Aromatherapy Massage and Pregnancy Massage

Saturdays 9am-1pm

07543 972 939
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Areas of Speciality

  • Aromatherapy Massage
  • Pregnancy Aromatherapy Massage
  • Post Natal Aromatherapy Massage

45 min £55
60 min £65


Debora qualified as an Aromatherapist with Neil’s Yard Remedy, covering 72 essential oils in depth. She also specialised in Pre and Post- natal massage with “From The Seed Aromatherapy”.

Debora’s approach to treatments is to make sure they are all unique and tailored to each client’s needs, as we are all different and require a bespoke approach.

Debora is very passionate about helping other women improve their emotional and physical well-being during the different stages of their cycles, but her treatments are also beneficial to men, who can benefit from other balancing properties of Aromatherapy.

She creates a peaceful environment, where clients can feel safe to unwind from the stress of daily life. For pre and post-natal aromatherapy massage, Debora aims to create a nurturing environment which is beneficial for both mum and baby during this special time and for moms after delivery, to feel connected and balanced for themselves and their new born.

Other healing properties of her Aromatherapy massage are:

  • Managing anxiety, stress and low mood or mood swings
  • Healing Dry skin and mild eczema/psoriasis
  • Helping with IBS, and other digestive disorders, cramps before and after menstrual cycle
  • Balancing hormones during Menopause – if you feel anxious or not at ease in your body
  • Helping the body recover after physical activities