Starlight-Diana Freudenberg

My Holistic Way
Reflexology / Hijama Dry & Wet Cupping / Kambo / Indian Head Massage / Vortex Energy Healing / Tarot / Sound Healing

Thursdays 2:30-8:30pm (from 10th Jan 2019)

Areas of Speciality:

  • Trauma
  • Stress, Anxiety & PTSD
  • Pregnancy & Fertility
  • Special needs & Disability
  • Supporting clients on their spiritual healing journey
  • Bringing relaxation and peace

07397 885 590


*Subject to initial consultation and depending on your reason for visit can take 30m-1hr – please take that into account on deciding which time slot you are selecting. 90-120min is advised for initial consult and treatment.

Your initial consultation will consist of an assessment of your your current state of health, medical history, emotional state, diet and lifestyle patterns as a holistic treatment is offered.


Starlight-Diana is the co-founder of My Holistic Way & is a qualified mobile therapist & practitioner in multiple healing modalities having trained with highly recognised mentors from around the world. Starlight-Diana was drawn to this work after pursuing a life in corporate having been a Chartered Accountant, Financial Analyst, I.T specialist & Audit professional just shy of 10 years & truly understood the impact and effects that the common stressful modern-day lifestyle has on the mind, body and soul and sought was to improve self and felt guided to help others who are subject to this way of life and need some guidance and maintenance to cope with the daily demanding grind.

She is fully insured & based in Central West London & travels the world offering her services. She is a passionate therapist with an alternative approach, and she is dedicated to helping clients move through a wide range of physical, emotional, and spiritual transitions in the most efficient and transformative way possible.

For Starlight-Diana, creating this brand has been both an honour & pleasure combining her two deepest passions into a career, healing & traveling. She has adapted these learned traditional medicines which includes Chinese, Peruvian, Western, Islamic & African Medicine & techniques into a modern-day package & added her unique signature offering that something extra special to her clients. ?

Please don’t hesitate to contact her directly on 07397 885590 if you have any questions or wish to book an appointment.

Starlight-Diana is available for home visits and a slightly higher charge unless group sessions are organised at the same location and is available to give sessions in corporate companies. Please contact for rates.