Natasha Sackey

Natasha SackeyDance Movement Psychotherapy
Body Mapping
Coaching for body and movement awareness

Tuesdays 8am-2pm

Areas of Speciality

  • Problems with communication -finding words that expresses what is going on within oneself
  • Difficulties with connecting to oneself or body image – including relationship with food/eating
  • Coping with life transitions- becoming a mother, parenthood, post natal depression, divorce, loss of self or direction
  • Mental or emotional distress including anxiety and depression
  • Learning and/or sensory difficulties
  • Personal development and exploring identity including cultural and social – political connection with the world..

07854 288 706


Ongoing Therapy £55 – £75 (scaling)
DMP students – £45
Coaching for movement & body awareness – £90
Body Mapping – £65 (including canvas and art materials)
(Packages available)

Natasha Sackey MA RDMP is a registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist with the Association of Dance Movement Psychotherapy UK

The objective of all Natasha’s work is to help people shift perspective and elevate themselves to their best possible state of well-being. Natasha offers a highly effective approach of mind/body healing that takes into account ones embodied experience.

What is Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP)?

Within the medical, health and neuroscience industries, there is an increasing appreciation that the body is not separate from the mind but communicates both our inner and outer worlds experience.

Working with movement and creativity helps stimulate ones embodied state, which can allow them to investigate what may be going on at a deeper level of consciousness, help release emotions & blocks held in the body, and find new ways of working with difficulties.

By developing a compassionate relationship with our bodies and ourselves, one can learn how our unconscious patterns affect our daily lives and relationships. DMP is a co-creative process that can help you find your inner resources in your journey to healing.

Please note: No previous experience of dance is needed, clients move freely on their own terms.

What is Body Mapping?

The body holds our individual stories, memories and life’s journey so far. Body Mapping provides a creative space to tap into a level of body-consciousness. Which allows for reflection on one’s past stories, understandings of your relationship with yourself, and access to your intuitive wisdom going forward.

With 1:1 or small groups, the creative process is powerful yet intimate. By connecting with the body using movement, body meditation, visualisation and art. Participants create a life-sized body map of themselves using their choice of art materials, which they can take away with them at the end of the programme.

Essentially body mapping helps us reconnect with our sense of self and identity. Ideal for all people going through transitional phases of life, e.g. post-natal women, divorce, loss of direction.

Coaching for movement and body awareness

Is your confidence effecting your performance? Our non-verbal communication is just as important as our verbal. Increasing your movement and body awareness can help overcome fears such as feelings of stage fright and ‘being seen’.

Reflecting on what your non-verbal self is communicating and learning new techniques can help you feel more comfortable with your sense of visibility.

Coaching for movement and body awareness can support you feeling more congruent when communicating and help align our words with our actions. Ideal for professionals and performing artists or anyone struggling with being confident or when communicating authentically who they are.

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