Marion Cottin – Excellence Physiotherapy

Marion CottinMummy’s Physio/ Baby Physio

Thursdays & Fridays 8am-2pm

£75 45mins

Areas of Speciality:

  • Ante&post natal
  • Pelvic floor rehabilitation
  • Pilates
  • Paediatrics

020 7125 0262

Mummy’s Physio is a physiotherapy and osteopathy practice in London specialising in women’s health.

At Mummy’s Physio, we specialize in postnatal rehabilitation (pelvic floor rehabilitation, incontinence, neonatal, post natal, biofeedback, prolapse) using French techniques such as ‘gymnastique hypopressive’ (core gymnastic).

Baby Physio is a physiotherapy and osteopathy practice specialising in paediatrics.

We use French techniques and successfully treat issues such as flat head, torticollis, feet deformities and neuro motor delays.

We know from experience that there are very few specialised therapists in these domains in London or even the country and we often encounter parents who are simply unaware that those paediatric symptoms can be treated, that there are solutions and that treatment and/or prevention does not necessarily have to involve costly and painful surgery.

Marion obtained her diploma in 2010 in the IFMK of Berck-sur-Mer and worked for 5 years in private practice, where she developed her experience and acquired numerous know-how in the field of the paediatrics, women’s health but also in the treatment of chronic pain, such as back pain.