Aidan Treays – Rolfing

aidan-treays-rolfingpracticeWednesday evenings

Session 1 £100 for 75/90 minutes
Session 2-10 £90 for 55 minutes
Post 10 sessions £90 for 55 minutes

T: 07808 352 584

– Better posture and alignment
– Integration or alleviation of old and bothersome injuries
– Ease and comfort in movement
– Issues with body image
– Openness and a more wholesome outlook on life
– Embodiment (being present in your body)
– Balancing the nervous system
– Embodied awareness for dancers, actors, artists and yogis

I started my lifelong passion for the body and movement as a dancer. I trained at Elmhurst Ballet School. This led to a career, rich with different styles of dance. I worked in flamenco (Raphael Aguillar), musical theatre (Cats and Grease in the West End) and circus (Hybrid and Aurelia’s Oratorio with the Chaplin family). I then took the natural step from performer to choreographer. This fostered leadership skills and led to a deepening of my creativity. My choreographic work has been seen in the West End, on Broadway, and in major motion pictures.

The path to Rolfing drew closer to my experience as head of movement at Drama Studio London. This focused my fascination in the connection between body and mind. I saw that releasing long-held movement patterns created a deep transformation in my students.

My training in Rolfing/Structural Integration has advanced these skills. I have observed, in the course of my career, what holds a body back and what makes the body sing. In my sessions, I offer a safe and personal approach. This allows for a deep integration of restrictions and limitations in the tissue of your body. A more aligned and graceful human being can emerge from this process.