Mysore Ashtanga Yoga

Mysore Ashtanga Yoga – start your day feeling great

This is the traditional way to practice the Ashtanga Yoga system, originating from the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute in Mysore, India. In this class, each student receives individual teaching within a group environment. By learning to follow your own breath and work at your own pace, you learn the Ashtanga series (a set sequence of yoga postures) in a safe and steady way, dependent on your needs, one posture at a time.

In Mysore style Ashtanga there is emphasis upon three elements: Asana (yoga posture), Vinyasa (connecting breath and movement), and Drishti (gazing point). Together, these 3 elements (tristhana) combine as a method to purify the body, the nervous system, the sense organs, and bring control of the mind.

We all start with the Primary Series, also known as Yoga Chikitsa (Yoga Therapy). Our teacher Meg is there to give guidance, assistance and physical adjustments as needed.

Why choose Mysore style Ashtanga?

  • This is a way for existing practitioners to develop and deepen their practice
  • It is the best way for beginners to learn as the practice is tailored to each individual’s needs and pace (as yoga is traditionally taught)
  • This practice yields both physical and psychological benefits
  • A daily class creates a sense of community with like-minded practitioners
    This is the chance to learn a traditional lineage-based system of yoga originating from India
  • An early morning practice allows you to create dedicated space for yoga before life gets in the way

A Mysore style Ashtanga practice can take between 30 and 90 minutes on average, depending on how much the student has learnt. To feel the optimal benefits of this practice, a minimum commitment of 3 times a week practice is advised, although individuals are always welcome to drop in as and when they can.
Even when life is demanding, you always have the option to get on your mat by adjusting the length of your practice as necessary.

Beginners are always welcome, and Mysore style Ashtanga is a traditional way for beginners to start practicing yoga.

Old or young, stiff or flexible, fit or unfit, anyone can do this practice. All that’s needed is the intention to want to begin.

All newcomers learn a very straightforward, flowing sequence called Surya Namaskar (sun salutations), followed by some restorative seated exercises and a relaxation. This builds the connection with breath and body.

Your first practice will be between 30 and 45 minutes depending on how much time you have – and from then it will grow at a pace to suit you.

Sessions run:

  • 6.30am to 9.00am Monday to Friday and 8am to 10am on Saturdays (with the exception of moon days when we don’t practice Mysore Ashtanga Yoga – see list of dates at the bottom of this page). Drop in anytime during the session; just make sure you arrive no later than 30 mins before the end so you have enough time to do your practice.

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Moon Days 2019
Traditionally Ashtanga yoga is six day a week practice, with rest days taken once a week, as well as on a Full Moon and a New Moon (moon days). So, there will be no class on these days:
Sunday 06th • new moon
Monday 21st o full moon
Monday 04th • new moon
Tuesday 19th o full moon
Wednesday 06th • new moon
Thursday 21st o full moon
Friday 05th • new moon
Friday 19th o full moon
Saturday 04th • new moon
Saturday 18th o full moon
Monday 03rd • new moon
Monday 17th o full moon
Tuesday 02nd • new moon
Tuesday 16th o full moon
Thursday 01st • new moon
Thursday 15th o full moon
Friday 30th • new moon
Saturday 14th o full moon
Saturday 28th • new moon
Sunday 13th o full moon
Monday 28th • new moon
Tuesday 12th o full moon
Tuesday 26th • new moon
Thursday 12th o full moon
Thursday 26th • new moon

About Meg

Meg has been practicing Astanga yoga for 15 years, with over 10 years daily practice with Hamish Hendry at Astanga Yoga London, where she practices up to the end of the Intermediate series. She learned to teach by apprenticing at AYL and continues to assist there as well as teaching classes around London. She has travelled twice to Mysore in India – the source of Astanga yoga – to study with Sharath Jois.

Meg loves to share what she has learned from her own practice and experience, whilst following the traditional sequence. Her approach is kind, supportive and inclusive.
07949 125 733