Breakfast Club – Early Morning Yoga Classes



These early morning classes are for anyone who wishes to practice a dynamic style of yoga (Vinyasa Flow) before work. They are physically challenging and active and will keep you energised throughout the day. Controlling your breath is a very important part of the practice.

The class is set to music to promote a connection to your own biorhythmic patterns. Starting with stillness and awareness of breathing, it builds up from ‘Om’ chanting to a moving meditation.

The emphasis then shifts to the more physical part of the practice, introducing yoga asanas that are in harmony with your inner intelligence and unfold according to a specific Bhav – mood – or theme of the class.

Once we reach the peak asana, we then climb down to come back to stillness once again and close with a short relaxation.

Modifications and intensifications are continuously offered throughout and students are encouraged to explore their own asana variations within the theme and sequence.



7 – 8am – Yoga All Levels with Lea

7.15 – 8.15am – Yoga All Levels with Maxine

7.30 – 8.30am – Yoga All Levels with Melinda

7.30 – 8.30am – Yoga All Levels with Maxine

7 – 8am – Yoga All Levels with Melinda