Ana Dias – Monday AM

IMG_7066.._resizedAna encountered yoga in 2012 while working as a professional dancer. It was a key component to her rehabilitation after sustaining a knee injury. She then continued her practice alongside her work as a dancer. She found many benefits both physically and psychologically and felt compelled to share these breakthroughs with others around her, training in Ashtanga Vinyasa and Rocket with The Yoga People in London.

Ana believes yoga has something to offer everyone. Her classes focus on building full body awareness, strength and a more suple body. The class stems from continuous movement, never a static moment, always growing and extending, always pushing yourself a little further.

Join Ana’s Breakfast Club class on Mondays, 7 – 8am.

To book, click here, find the day of the class you wish to attend on the timetable calendar, then click on sign up. You can also call reception on 0207 881 0728 and they will do it for you manually.