Alina Kopelchuk

Yin/Yang Yoga – Tuesdays 17:00-18:00.

Alina has been a dedicated Yoga practitioner for over 12 years. After experiencing the wonderful effects of Yoga on her own life and realising that her passion for Yoga is turning into a life-long path of self-discovery, she decided to share her experience and become a full-time Yoga teacher.

Although Alina’s classes are always dynamic and challenging, she encourages a subtle balance between effort and relaxation finding Savasana in each posture. Focusing on correct alignment, she always pays attention to the needs of the individual as well as the group with the aim to create a welcoming and enjoyable space for people to feel inspired, challenged, uplifted and nurtured. Alina approaches asana practice as moving meditation so by synchronising movement with the breath, the aim is to internalise the mind and get deeper understanding about the interaction between the mental and the physical body. She encourages her students to tune into their bodies and minds and find their inner teacher to guide them through the practice. Alina feels that it is important to understand your individual anatomy and accept your body with all its limitations because she believes that only through accepting the limitations the transformation can take place.

Not having background in any physical disciplines, Alina has experienced the transformational power of Yoga on her own body and mind and learnt that anything is possible. She wants to share this experience with her students and show them that with some dedication and persistence anything can be achieved. Alina believes that while anyone regardless of their age and physical ability can practice Yoga (as long as one can breathe), there is no Yoga without awareness. She also believes that the true benefits of Yoga come not just from practicing asana on the mat, but from applying its principles to everyday life becoming more aware of one’s body, breath and thoughts and being fully present in every moment. She gets her inspiration from the positive changes that Yoga brings into peoples’ lives and is grateful to those, who helped her to find her path and to follow it.