Catie Foroughi

Power Yoga
Fridays 7:30-9pm

Based in Chelsea London, Catie is a qualified Yoga Therapist and Integrative Body Worker with a difference.

She is well known for a Complete Freedom approach to what she does and conducts private and public classes of all types including one on one and group yoga, master classes and holiday yoga retreats to some of the world’s most naturally beautiful locations.

In her home town you find Catie conducting studio, park, and boat yoga. Those without shelter can attend her Crisis at Christmas sessions and in a church in Chelsea.

Her renowned yoga holidays take many CYoga lovers to Turkish Gulet Boats sailing on azur seas, to Italy farmhouses and to majestic deserts.

The Core in all she shares is that anything is possible and she remains ever spontaneous, vital with her highly original and integrated approach to yoga. Catie’s dynamic energy connects with everyone and her way has developed her own formless/form of yoga: CYoga with everyone in for this ride!

I always experienced yoga in a very lucid and naturally embodied manner since childhood. A super feeling that this moment is for fun and an ‘All Encompassing Vision’ creates beauty, love and absolute joy. Now it’s ‘manifest in all I do’. With asanas, or fascial release or breath work I present an all encompassing experience and find almost without realising or reaching visions are actualized in a totally amazing way whilst experiencing freedom, love, joy and bliss. A loving Presence/ Community is a result.