Daniela O

daniela 2Daniela O

My journey to yoga was not the traditional path. I found myself in a class by accident shortly after a personal tragedy ten years ago. I embraced this path as a way of dealing with sadness in the heart and my grieving process. The teachings have fortified me in this and I am so very grateful…. a beginning which led me towards a variety of styles.

Whilst practicing Ashtanga and later training with The Yoga people, somehow I completely fell in love with the Rocket yoga. I was so captivated by its strength, power and energy. Embracing this traditional Ashtanga senquencing with the added flavour of Larry Schultz’s stylistic alternatives. I found my own spiritual path. I had an epiphany moment and decided to bite the bullet to qualify in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga & simultaneously in Rocket in 2012. I continue to expand my knowledge and recently completed my 300 hours Certification in Tripsichore Rocket, Yogic Arts and Yin Yoga (Mexico July 2015).

My yoga practice and teaching varies from Rocket, Power yoga, Vinyasa as well as Yin yoga. I believe in trying as much variety as possible, whilst finding my own flavour and energy within the philosophy of yoga. I value meeting many wonderful teachers who inspire me on my journey.

Currently teaching in London spreading the love of yoga and joy of teaching many styles. I love gathering great experiences and I also love being in demand for leading succesful workshops for Handstands & inversions, Splits, and Cyclist & Runners. My belief is to share the positive vibes, peace, and happiness with my students treasuring the great influence from my teachers Mark Kan, Meghan Currie, Duncan Wong, Jamie Clarke and Dulce Aquilar