Frankie Guarino

Class: Vinyasa Flow
Level: All levels

This vinyasa class is a strong flowing practice open to all levels of physical ability, with a constant focus on breath, honouring your unique body and working with where you are in your yoga practise. The physical postures (asana) are a very useful tool in getting to know your body fully, allowing you to approach asana with precision, skill and correct alignment. Every 2-4 weeks the class will have a different physical and philosophical theme to give you time to better understand, explore and integrate key elements into your practice. Those newer to yoga are encouraged to take things easier in order to refine, strengthen and build solid foundations. More advanced practitioners are offered more challenging options to deepen and progress. Knowledge is power, the more you learn about your body, all of the other aspects of yourself start to awaken, the mind and body find connection, balance, and the stresses and struggles of daily life become much more manageable.