Guillermo Justel

With a background in languages and linguistics, Guillermo couldn’t expect the turn his life was to take when he randomly attended his first yoga class in Prague in 2005. It was not only its physical practice – which boasted a perfect harmony of endurance, strength and flexibility – but the whole yoga experience with its all-encompassing physical, psychological and emotional feeling of well-being which left him forever connected to yoga.

Out of a desire to further experiment with creative movement, in the last years Guillermo has also dabbled with parkour, breakdance and handbalance. Together with yoga, he has had a committed practice to handbalancing since 2010, which gives him an edge and deeper understanding of the mechanics of arm balancing postures. Guillermo has studied with a variety of handbalance graduates and teachers from the Circus Space, and has attended workshops by movement expert and capoeirista Ido Portal, as well as continuing to attend dance classes of all sorts throughout London. He has performed as a dancer and handbalancer in local and national UK festivals.

He holds a Himalaya Yoga Valley teaching certificate and with his classes he aims to deepen the students’ mind and body connection. He believes that besides all the benefits yoga possesses for all types of students, its privileged place in our society, regarding reach and reputation, makes it the perfect means to help people reconnect with their bodies and find the joy that comes from using it as a creative movement tool too.