Jennifer Ellis

jennifer.ellisJennifer was inspired by the sweeping intelligence and depth of yoga long before she began practising 20 years ago. She subsequently trained to become a yoga teacher and holds a 500HR Yoga Teacher Training Certificate from AOCY, in addition to her earlier Dance Teacher Training Certificate from SADTA.

Her meditation practice and focus is drawn from Advaita, Tantra and Kashmiri Shaivism and she continues to study with those Teachers who are inspired by these traditions.

Her teaching style is both a soft and dynamic vinyasa flow coupled with restorative yoga. She believes that yoga is a personal experience where one’s practice is amplified through skilled alignment in a dynamic flow and held poses. She adheres to the principles of breath attention and awareness synchronized to movement to create a challenging and stimulating practice.

Students are encouraged to work at their own unique way and listen to their bodies with the intention to strengthen, energize and calm the mind. Jennifer teaches in order to share with others the infinity of yoga and all that it offers. She has a London based teaching practice at several studios in London as well as private tuition.