Sophie Coats

sophie.coatsSophie is known for her artful fusion of creative sequencing, alignment instruction and adjustments. She teaches with a rare combination of clarity, gentleness and strength somehow all together.

Sophie strongly believes in the power and potential of yoga to transform our lives and that yoga should be practiced with fullness, gratitude and laughter.

Sophie first practiced yoga when she visited India for 9 months in 1988. Her first teacher was 80 years old and still practicing yoga in the town of Pondicherry in Tamil Nadu, South India. She subsequently studied Astanga Vinyasa Yoga with Derek and Radha Ireland, Sivananda Yoga and Iyengar Yoga. In 2004 she decided to train as a yoga teacher after a skiing accident & knee surgery.

Yoga was a vital part of her recovery process and it was then that she truly appreciated the profound effects of yoga on the mind, body and spirit. As she recovered from her surgery, she learned about humility and patience as her body slowly healed. Sophie also discovered that her physical limitations/injuries are often her greatest teacher.

Sophie qualified and started teaching in 2006. That same year she began studying with Bridget Woods Kramer (Senior Certified Anusara teacher & Anusara’s UK representative) and John Friend, the founder of Anusara Yoga. In 2007 she became an accredited Anusara Inspired™ Teacher. This uniquely integrated style of Hatha yoga has been and remains an inspiration to her. However in June of last year she decided it was time to resign her Licence agreement with Anusara Inc. She is deeply grateful to the method of Anusara Yoga, whilst it remains her primary practice and teaching method, she is also enjoying the freedom to expand her studies and draw inspiration from other styles and teachers: the precision of Iyengar, the connection between breath and movement in Vinyasa Flow, the cleansing practice of Hot Yoga and the deeply restorative benefits of Yin Yoga.

As always, Sophie is deeply grateful to all her teachers who have shed their light on her path.

In 2013 Sophie is collaborating with Bridget Woods Kramer offering a +300 Hour Advanced Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Programme to teachers at the Light Centre in the City.