Aurora Bowkett

Pilates Teacher

Aurora is an experienced Yoga and Pilates teacher, certified with Yoga Alliance, trained with Polestar Pilates and specialising in helping people form more efficient and aware habitual movements. She fuses fluid, creative flows with stabilising mobility work to develop a strong and supple body, safely and with awareness. A strong focus on breath and movement she helps students find an ease within even the most challenging of movements, hoping to help them carry this intention into their daily life.

Her belief is that the time we spend sat down, navigating stressful situations and rushing around in our daily lives are major contributors to physical issues such as bad posture, neck and shoulder pain, back issues and headaches. The conscious movement within pilates and yoga promotes a healthy, strong and mobile spines through conscious training of the abdominal muscles and pelvic stabilisers.

Auroras classes and workshops enable you to develop knowledge of your body, by giving you movements and techniques you can perform at home or in work to change your habitual patterns for the better.