Christine Suzuki

Pilates – Level 1-2 – 10:45-11:45am

Christine began her Pilates career soon after she started her yoga career as a means to manage her being hypermobile, especially in her hips and spine. Christine therefore has a deep interest in helping clients especially on the hypermobile spectrum and/or with spine and hip pathologies.

Before Pilates and yoga there was science and Bioinformatics, as Christine studied and worked within these settings. Not long into her professional career following University, Christine realised her back pain and fidgeting could be quietened by doing more of what she loves on her mat and in the Pilates/Yoga studio.

Christine has studied not only these movement modalities, but also qualified as a meditation teacher, nutritionist and Reiki Master; as she finds each element brings it’s own quality in assisting her and her clients to reach a balanced and fulfilled life. Other studies include working with the BMC (Body Mind Centering) towards her Somatic Practitioner qualification, exercise referral and soon to be Lower Back Pain Specialist.

The way Christine see things is everything is connected, if you have a pain in your body, you can bet there’s somewhere in mind which is also suffering. Hence, her sessions are always very mindful and methodical; focus is on allowing and encouraging each individual to find their flow within the structure of the class. Classes can be slow but can also be very strong and deep as a consequence, Christine loves to laugh and brings this into her session to ensure the energy is always light, even when performing serious Pilates exercises.

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