Esther Wiget

PRICE: £70 private session
£80 semi-private session (2ppl at £40 each)

T: 07841 902 673

Movement is for everyone. Whether you are experiencing pain, starting to move again post injury, considering ways of moving during Pre/Post Natal times. seeking a way to balance out your training or sitting all day and craving movement with and through your body again.

In sessions I focus on Re-educating people about their bodies with a view of Re-discovering how it moves, how it can move and how it “wants” to move. I use a mixture of Pilates and Anatomy in Motion to help people Re-establish healthy fluid motion.


I am from Switzerland and moved to London to follow a dream of dancing. In 2003 I had a severe break through my right Tibia whilst snowboarding. After surgery I successfully rehabilitated with Pilates, I then continued on with my studies and finally graduated from Laine Theatre Arts with a National Dance Diploma Qualification (Trinity London).

Inspired by my own personal journey, I started to build up a second career teaching Pilates, Dance and Corrective Exercise. I started teaching Mat Pilates in London in 2007 and eventually stopped dancing as a career in 2010.

I have over 8 years of teaching experience to clients of all abilities. I have completed the BASI Comprehensive Teacher Training Course and continue to attended various workshops to expand my knowledge including Pilates for Dancers (BASI), Pilates for Skiers (APPI), Pre and Post Natal Pilates (The Centre for Women’s Fitness), Anatomy in Motion, NKT (Neuro Kinetic Therapy),
Anti Gravity Yoga, Willpower&Grace, Xtend barre and Zumba.

My passion is expression through motion…for me, taking time to move my body helps me know, and more importantly, learn more about who “I am”. My highest value is to be free to move through my life with the confidence that my body is also up for the challenges.

Treatment can help with symptoms such as:

What if the pain and discomfort your are experiencing in your muscles and joints is the body telling you that there are imbalances in the way that you are moving?

The majority of people move with the same repetitive, habitual, patterns… What if, Re-establishing balanced motion was as simple as exploring other movement options, so you (your body) could self select a more efficient way. Would that be empowering? Could being more empowered in your body contribute to a more comfortable, adaptable, happier you…?