Georgina Haydon

Originally trained as a dancer, in classical and contemporary dance, Georgina has a keen interest in the body, mind, its expression and movement. Having suffered with a back injury, she has particularly focused her work on healing, exploring, and understanding ourselves on a deeper level, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The journey of our body and mind is endless, and incredibly fascinating, once we make that decision to look within. Our body is very much an expression of our mind, our feelings and emotions, and experience.

By gently starting to explore the experience of our body in the present moment, we are able to release blockages from past experiences, which may have been an obstruction to our true potential and flow.

Georgina combines her sessions with Pilates and Gyrotonic exercises, and mindful, healing movement based on her experience through the years. Her aim is to help her clients feel free from emotional, mental or physical pain, and to guide them in their inner journey towards health, strength, and empowerment.

Georgina trained in Pilates with Alan Herdman in 2000, and studied Gyrotonic with Beatriz Pascual, having qualified in 2003. Her studies then led her on to Meditation, Subtle Yoga, and Self Healing with Mika Hadar. Georgina is also a qualified Craniosacral therapist, trained with Franklyn Sills at The Karuna Institute, qualifying in 2008.


£75 for an hour session, or £700 for a block of 10 sessions.

Georgina also works within our Gyrotonic Studio.