Michelle Evans

Breathing for Balance & Strength – 11:45am
Pilates – 12:30pm

Michelle has been drawn to movement and all aspects of holistic health since her teenage years.

Having trained in Theatre Arts (BA Hons Degree) and worked as an actor and voice artist, her Pilates journey began with Susanne Lahusen – a founder member of the Pilates Foundation.

After several years of private classes she was asked to attend the Pilates Foundation’s first matwork training course at The Place in London. She was hooked. Not only did Pilates release her from over a decade of back and neck issues, it also sparked her curiosity in a deeper way into all aspects of life; physical, emotional and spiritual.

Michelle went on to train on Pilates Equipment with Dominique Jansen, revisiting and deepening her previous training. She has been practicing the Method for some 25 years.

Curiosity did not kill this cat, but rather allowed her to explore many other forms of movement, including dance, feldenkrais, tai chi and, of course all aspects of yoga, which was clearly a huge influence on Joseph Pilates himself.

She also spent five years dancing Argentine Tango several times a week.

Drawing on her personal experience of movement and health and also of her personal life, which has not been without challenge in the past, Michelle has developed an intuitive way of teaching, focussing primarily on awareness and breath, of allowing the body to work organically thus letting go of any unnecessary tension.

Breathing is central to Pilates, and indeed to life itself, and Michelle has been teaching ‘Breathing’ classes allowing time to explore in more detail various yogic and other breathing methods. Experiencing stillness and movement, whilst strengthening and releasing blockages.

In both her Breathing and Pilates classes, Michelle focusses on noticing our ‘electrical’ energy; whether we call it chi, prana, or simply our love or life force. Savouring our aliveness, and giving ourselves permission to be OK with where we are in the now.

Michelle has also developed Deepslo (TM) which focusses on slowing down enough to feel the natural internal strength we all possess and then going deeper and slower, and deeper still.

Michelle likes to remind us to be kind to ourselves so that we play whilst walking that type-rope of ‘letting go’ and ‘control’.