Gabriella Winters

Personal Colour Analysis

Mondays 8am-2pm
Fridays 8am-2pm

07753 350 734

Areas of Speciality

  • Science based personal colour analysis (to determine the exact colours that suit you best)
  • Wardrobe assessment (to analyse your existing wardrobe or items from a new shopping trip and check how well they work for your colouring and body geometry as well as give you feedback on how to assemble and complete each outfit)
  • Guided shopping (accompanying you on your next shopping trip to help make selections and offer feedback on individual purchase options – especially recommended for special occasions such as bridal events, photo shoots or presenting attire)
  • Colour swatching services (analysing the tonal harmony of your chosen fabrics, garments, accessories, colour cosmetics, branded merchandise or interior furnishings – especially great of you’re working on compiling a harmonious collection of clothing or interior items or if have a line of products that you’d like to assign tonal harmonies to)
  • Colour palette assessment and design for your business (helping you define your brand’s colour palette in order to communicate an exact message and achieve specific responses from your audience)


Advanced Colour Analysis (4 hours) £375 – at Light Centre Belgravia;
Guided Shopping £220 (for 2 hours) or £330 (for 3 hours) – on Kings Road;
Wardrobe Assessment £220 (2 hours) – at your home or via a video call;
All other colour services are £110/hour

About Personal Colour Analysis
Science based Personal Colour Analysis is a process that determines which types of colours suit you best based on your genetic colour code.

Wearing colours that harmonise with your natural colouring will not only make you look fresh, radiant and glowing, but can also improve your physical wellbeing due to the way the energy carried by colours interact with your personal energy.

During an Advanced Personal Colour Analysis session we compare the visual effects produced by colours of different temperature and intensity. To determine your least distorting, most harmonious colour dimensions we drape various coloured fabrics under your face and observe the different optical illusions they create.

At the end of your consultation, you receive a colour swatch book filled with 65 of your most harmonising colours, which you can use as reference guide when shopping for clothes, makeup and accessories.

Unlike traditional colour analysis methods, our science based approach does not involve any stereotyping such as blonde hair means ‘light’ or olive skin means ‘warm’. The appearance of individual colours in your body seldom reflects actual, true colour (due to being visually influenced and altered by surrounding colours), yet the appearance of hair, skin and eye colours are still fundamental markers in most colour analysis methods. We believe that decisions based on external impressions can often lead to mistypings, so our conclusions are drawn solely from insights and data gathered during testing.

About Gabi
Gabi is a highly accomplished colour consultant whose expertise attracts clients from all over the world and her colour work has been featured by magazines such as Glamour and Hello!

With a background in set design and event styling, Gabi has worked with many esteemed brands such as Stella McCartney, YouTube, IKEA, Adidas, Barclays Bank, Hendricks Gin and many more.

Her love for colours developed early in her career, when she designed sets for films and music videos. Gabi’s natural inquisitiveness drove her to studies in colour psychology and colour harmony in order to advance her specialism within her field. An ever-increasing fascination with colour science eventually lead Gabi to set up Chromology in 2014, with a mission to promote natural beauty through science based personal colour analysis.

Through her colour work, she has helped hundreds of people overcome profound personal issues such as body image anxiety, self-doubt, lack of peer respect and insecurity at home or on the dating scene.

Social stigmas ruin body-confidence by the time we are teenagers and most of us spend our adulthoods trying to fix or hide our ‘body flaws’. But I believe that every one of us is born beautiful and very well designed. And by understanding more about your natural design code, you can learn to extend yourself in an authentic and strikingly beautiful way.

So my mission is to install positive body image in my clients, through education about the science behind natural beauty.“ – Gabi Winters