Florence de Crevoisier Fedder

Classical Homeopathy and Cranio-Sacral Therapy

Mondays 2:15- 5:15pm (until 7 May)
Tuesday, 2.15-8.15pm (from 7 May)

Adhoc hours (Belgravia and Monument) and Home visits available upon request.

07813 651 084

Areas of Speciality:
Chronic issues

Cranio-Sacral Therapy: Adults and children above 10yr: £65 (55mn)
Short sessions: £40 (30mn) follow ups only.
Babies and Children under 10yr: £35 (30mn)
Homeopathy: (prices include the remedy) 1st consultation Adults: £75 (up to 75mn).
Children up to 10yr: £50 (45mn) Follow-ups: £50 (45mn), £40 (30mn)
Children up to 10 yr: £35 (30mn)

Florence is one of the few therapists trained in both Classical Homeopathy and CST. Since 2001 she has treated patients of any age with a wide range of conditions, including during pregnancy.

Florence attended CST courses with a focus on trauma in adults and babies, TMJ issues and working with fascia to bring greater relief. She has developed a special interest in the treatment of chronic ailments and pain. In 2012 and 2013 she worked for two small research projects in a Bangkok breast cancer Centre, to assess the benefits of Homeopathy and CST work in patients with debilitating symptoms. Since 2009, through her work for the charity St Vincent Family project, she has gained a particular experience working with babies and children.

As a keen tennis player, she also has a good understanding of the pressures put upon the bodies of her fellow tennis players.