Alex Newte Hardie

NATUROPATHAlex Newte Hardie

Wednesdays 11-2pm
Thursdays 8am – 11am
Fridays 2.15pm-5.15pm
T: 07958 431 626

£90 for Health Screening
£70 for Heath Screening follow-up (optional)
From £50 for Naturopathy or Mindfulness Consultation (course of 6 between £300 and £420).

Naturopathy blends modern medical and nutritional research with traditional and natural forms of healthcare, focusing on holistic, proactive prevention and comprehensive diagnosis of chronic and acute health issues.

Alex will help you to discover the root cause of your symptoms through a comprehensive case history, naturopathic diagnostics and laboratory tests (where necessary) and then support your return to whole health through nutritional, emotional and physical support. She may also suggest nutritional and herbal supplementation depending on the individual.

Alex is particularly interested in the mind-body connection, using powerful mindfulness techniques to help with mild anxiety/depression, digestive issues, pain management, hormonal imbalances and regulating the immune system.
As the General Health Practitioner at the Light Centre Belgravia, Alex also offers free Holistic Health Screenings as part of the Ultimate Health Package or private screening and consultations to non-members.

After just one session I felt more positive, and I noticed big improvements in my condition within a matter of days. Sessions with Alex have been a life-changing experience and I feel excited about the future.” – Andrea

“I had visited lots of doctors and therapists in the past, but Alex was able to ‘get me’ and get to the heart of my issues very quickly, bringing about changes I’d never thought possible.” – Robin


Alex turned to natural alternatives following a relapse of a serious health problem. She discovered that a holistic, natural approach worked so well that she was inspired to study naturopathy in order to help others.

Now an experienced and highly qualified naturopath and mindfulness teacher with over 7 year’s experience, Alex works closely with patients to identify the underlying causes of physical and emotional health issues, using both a detailed case history and relevant diagnostics, including iridology, and laboratory tests where necessary.

Alex holds a BSc (Hons) Health Sciences/Naturopathy degree from the University of Westminster and also has a BA (Hons) Philosophy degree from the University of Leeds, which she feels provided the backbone to her special interest in the mind-body connection.

Alex believes that good health starts in the mind and regularly incorporates mindfulness/transformative coaching into her practice. She has trained as Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy teacher (excellent for preventing relapses of depression) and as a Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) teacher. MSC focusses on helping patients to become more emotionally resilient through being kinder to themselves in the face of life’s difficulties and helps to free them from the shackles of the debilitating inner critic.

Alex is fully registered with the General Council and Register of Naturopaths (GCRN). She is also a member of the British Naturopathic Association and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council. She is also the General Health Practitioner at the Light Centre Belgravia, running Holistic Health Screenings.