Massage Therapists

Massage Therapists at the Light Centre focus on two important health outcomes, i.e. the breaking down of muscular adhesions (Rehabilitative Massage) and the slow rhythmic movement of congested fluids (Relaxation Massage). 

Rehabilitative Massage Therapists typically treat ailments such as back pain, neck and shoulder pain, knee pain, sports injuries etc, while Relaxation Masseurs help build vitality and promote calmness. Most Massage Therapists at the Light Centre are able to do both types. Please specify which one you want when booking an appointment.

All therapists at the Light Centre are self-employed and not employed by the Light Centre. All therapists have suitable qualifications and hold their own insurance. Customers are contracting directly with their therapist and any issues or claims need to be taken up directly with the therapist concerned. Please book with them directly.

Alice Weston (Mondays) Tel: 07974 359 717
Aristea Zougri (Mondays, Wednesdays) Tel: 07873 391 200
Elvira Cipolletti (Fridays) Tel: 07914 670 241
Geeta Vara (Saturdays) Tel: 07956 521 601
Graham Stones (Wednesdays, Thursdays) Tel: 07901 975 007
Marvin Blake (Tuesdays) Tel: 07446 893 045
Mike O’Connor (Tuesdays) Tel: 07545 968 342
Ronaldo Barroga (Fridays) Tel: 07515 368 577
Rosanna Bickerton (Thursdays) Tel: 07885 785 770
Sara Williams (Thursdays, Fridays) Tel: 07795 164 144
Tessa Bali (Saturdays) Tel: 07947 849 602