Alice Weston

Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Reiki and bespoke Massage with Reiki Treatments

Mondays 2.15-5.15pm

Areas of Speciality:

  • Muscular aches and pain
  • Muscular imbalance and postural assessment
  • Myo-fascial and Trigger Point release
  • Neck, Shoulder pain and headaches
  • Bodywork for emotional release
  • Benefits include: ease physical and emotional tension, re-energise the body, improve posture and a connection between mind, body and spirit.

07974 359 717

£45 per 30 min, £65 per hour, £95 per 90 min
Special Offer:
The Give the Gift of Feeling Awesome Offer – buy one massage for yourself or a friend and get an additional treatment free.
Introductory Offer: FREE 15 minute postural assessment

About Alice:
Yoga Teacher, Sports Masseuse and Bodyworker:

Having trained as a yoga instructor in Indaba Yoga London’s first cohort of students under the incredible stewardship of Ambra Vallo, she is fascinated by the power of the breath and intention to create space and release throughout the body. Alice first experienced the teachings of Jambo Dragon through anatomy for yoga and went on to complete her Bodyworker training with him and Brian Campbell; two incredible teachers and human beings. Alice completed her training in Sports Massage at the Cotswold Academy.

Alice is passionate about both postural assessment and in helping clients relieve long term chronic pain as well as more short term muscular tension. She believes the body and soul must be treated as a whole and uses the intuitive approach of bodywork to help meet people at the point where they feel able to release emotional and trauma.

As an athlete and an ex-desk worker Alice also understands the demands and toll on the physical body from a variety of movements and lack there of. Alice has completed a variety of endurance cycling, swimming and running challenges and is herself a kite-surfer and tennis player.

Alice is continuously learning and evolving her skill base in holistic healing.

A Treatment with Alice:
Alice combines the knowledge she has developed through bodywork, yoga and sports massage to deliver bespoke treatments combining the intuitive approach of Bodywork with a rigorous understanding of the underlying anatomy learned from Sports Massage.

Offering both sports massage and bodywork, or a combination of them both Alice can tailor the time to suit your needs. Treatments can be interactive in nature where you will work together to find the balance of pressure and release. However, sometimes there is nothing better than simply switching off for the duration and so there is also the option to receive a treatment in stillness and silence.

All treatments from Alice will meet you where you are ready to release from. There is a sweet spot between pressure, pain and release and this is where the treatment aims to deliver, leaving you feeling more connected to and freer in your own body, mind and spirit.