Cecilia Ballan

Cecilia’s journey with yoga began at university as a part time stress relief through the simple joy of movement with mindfulness. Cecilia was quickly captivated by the rich philosophical and spiritual roots of the practice and became enamored with the energy of ashtanga and rocket yoga; learning the value of self-discipline and finding moments of peaceful silence in her ashtanga practice, while falling in love with the freedom and creativity she found within the rebellious spirit of the rocket. Yoga allowed her to reconnect with her body and mind with an attitude of loving-kindness and begin the work of breaking down mental patterns.

Coming from a background in psychology and mental health, Cecilia is passionate about the healing and transformative effects of yoga on mind, body, nervous system and individual as a whole being.

Cecilia sees the physical practice as a journey from outward physical expression into an exploration of your own inner landscape and emphasizes breath and self observation as tools to bring you into a space of meditation and feeling of wholeness, uniting mind, body and soul. Cecilia encourages students to bring a playful and lighthearted approach to their practice and meets each student with compassion and attention to their individual needs. Expect to be challenged and to learn and grow through the practice.

instagram: @freeyourchi_